Korrosioonikaitse teenused

Pakume metallitööstustele pinnatöötluse- ja korrosioonikaitsealaseid konsultatsioone ja ekspertiise.

Korrosioonikaitsetööde tehniline järelvalve.

Konstruktsioonide pinnakatete seisundi hindamine ja ekspertiis.

Korrosioonikaitsetöödeks vajalike seadmete ja värvisüsteemide valimine.

Pakume klientidele

  • Aluspinna kontroll enne viimistlust/katmist
  • Värvikihi paksuse mõõtmine puidult, metallilt, betoonilt, komposiitmaterjalidelt
  • Betooni ja puidu niiskuse mõõtmine
  • Metalli kareduse mõõtmine peale haaveldamist/liivapritsi
  • Nakketugevuse mõõtmine Pull Off meetodil ja cross cut meetodil
  • Pinna/õhu temp mõõtmine, kastepunkti mõõtmine, suhtelise õhuniiskuse mõõtmine
  • Olemasoleva pinnakatte olukorra hindamine.

Consulting for value-saving surface treatment and protective coating

We are specialized in inspection and counseling of surface treatment and protective coating. We support builders, operators, entrepreneurs as well as municipal institutions with services for damage assessment, quality and production control all about surface treatment and protective coating field. Our goal is to optimize the life cycle of buildings or production by providing them with the best protective cover consultation.

This increases sufficiency and finally benefits the welfare of people as well as the environment. In order to be able to deal with growingly complex requirements the industry offers numerous innovative solutions on the subject of surface treatmentand protective coatings.   Too little attention which is being dedicated to surface tratment at all building and project stages can be the cause of this. Insufficient specifications, a lack of service descriptions or inadequate choice of material as well as inadequate coating design can cause substantial deficiency. Independently and neutrally we give you advice on expert execution of protective coating work and for quality assurance. From planning and implementation, including operation and maintenance our teams will give you assistance with their interdisciplinary skills including all the specialists needed for your project. These are experts, who, besides their comprehensive practical knowledge, have acquired the necessary national and international qualifications and certificates – who exactly know what is at stake.

Surface treatment Consulting:

  • Choice of plans and project calculation
  • Selection of suitable kinds of application
  • Project management
  • Production control
  • Damage assessment
  • Specifications and performance specification
  • Final and partial acceptance
  • Inspections of protective coating
  • Colour checks
  • Offshore inspection and services
  • Auditioning
  • Material checks
  • Checks of buildings


The coating inspector has a huge responsibility and is often a part of the quality assurance system.

The main objective is to assure that the corrosion protection provides the best possible result and is according to the specification. By use of knowledge, instruments and experience a qualified inspector will fulfil this very important task. Sometimes inspectors may be used as experts for determining surface treated areas e.g. performing surveys, and in some cases used for evaluating specifications.

To be able to perform the job as a paint inspector a lot of basic knowledge is required.

Among these:

  • Corrosion
  • Materials
  • Pre-treatment requirements
  • Paints and coatings
  • Application requirements
  • Health and safety issues
  • Specifications
  • Standards for surface preparation and inspections
  • Other corrosion preventing methods; hot dip galvanising, thermal spray, passive fire protection

The inspector must be updated in standards, specifications and new developments in the field of corrosion protection. A paint inspector has many duties and must be able to perform the following tasks.